Nics, Nacs & Kinks?

Nics, Nacs & Kinks...
So what is my latest Kink? 
Well my "kink" now ( for lack of a better word) is the fact that I am carrying 76 lbs of extra flesh on my frame. I admit I"m am really, really, really,(did I say really?) really, embarrassed that I allowed myself to get this far. What is worst is that allowed this gain to creep up on me in 3 years!!!! 
I kid myself in to thinking that with all the stresses from everyday life, I didn't have much time left to pursue my health. I use to love cooking healthy meals and exercising, but somehow I fell off.

I actually started my journey around September or October 2010, by just changing some eating habits. In December I stepped on the scale and was down 18lbs without exercise. Go me! Quite an accomplishment, besides who loses weight around the holidays anyway.(Me!!!).
So stick with me as I detail my struggles, failures and eventual success.

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