Ode to Big Hair

Lately I haven't done much with my hair...sigh.
It has gotten so long that I just chose to wear it in single braids to avoid dealing with the nightmarish tangles. 
So I gathered all these beautiful big hair natural ladies to drool over.
 Corinne Bailey Rae

Essence Magazine

Essence Magazine


Hair Update

Hey guys,. I know, I know it has been a minute and a day since I have updated. Boo... shame on me. I find it hard to update sometimes because, well honestly, I'm not that obsessed with my hair anymore. I have moved on, found other things to obsess over lately. My new obsession is losing the excess weight I have gained, so far so good.
 Anyway I just wanted to share a recent hair update pic taken in May. I was so surprise with the outcome. I guess not obsessing is good after all!

Finally got my hair back to its pre relaxer length

After trimming, flat-ironing and bumping the ends.


Nics, Nacs & Kinks?

Nics, Nacs & Kinks...
So what is my latest Kink? 
Well my "kink" now ( for lack of a better word) is the fact that I am carrying 76 lbs of extra flesh on my frame. I admit I"m am really, really, really,(did I say really?) really, embarrassed that I allowed myself to get this far. What is worst is that allowed this gain to creep up on me in 3 years!!!! 
I kid myself in to thinking that with all the stresses from everyday life, I didn't have much time left to pursue my health. I use to love cooking healthy meals and exercising, but somehow I fell off.

I actually started my journey around September or October 2010, by just changing some eating habits. In December I stepped on the scale and was down 18lbs without exercise. Go me! Quite an accomplishment, besides who loses weight around the holidays anyway.(Me!!!).
So stick with me as I detail my struggles, failures and eventual success.

Check out my weight loss blog http://blackgirlonadiet.blogspot.com


Why I think combing hair daily is important

Ok so hear me out for a second, I too believed that combing hair regularly will lead to a lot of breakage. However, through experience, I also realized that I lost a lot more hair when I don't comb often.
For the past couple months I have really been serious about combing daily. The tangles were border line nightmares so I decided to rework my regimen to accomodate my longer hair.
WoW can you say softer hair?
Not only is it easier for me to deal with my hair but I lose a lot less of it, come wash day. I figured with days of shed hair matted around unshed ones, it created an almost dreaded state for my hair which lead to rips and yanks because I was having a hard time detangling.

Anyway this method may not work for all but it definitely worked for me and I'm sticking to it (for now).


Health and Fitness

Its official!
 Im on a track to lose some weight. Over the past couple years the weight has basically crept on me... urgghhhh! 
I basically can't fit anything in my closet and I refuse to buy a bigger size! So I need to set some goals and keep them. I think I'll blog about me ups and down while I pursue these goal and if you want feel free to join up with me. The more the merrier!


Retro Hair

FINALLY..well again. I have some hair pics up! I don't really take the time to take pics of my hair ( or in general)  but a few of you asked me to..so here they are.

 I just put my hair up in a high bun with a retro bang. The high flower was an after thought but it worked out well.