How to take care of your Hair for the winter

With the coming of the winter there are many adjustments needed to be well prepared for it. Why not do the same for our hair? We need to adapt to a different regimen to protect our hair from breakages. The colder the weather the less moisture our hair retains.

The following are a list of guidelines to help maintain beautiful hair throughout the season.

1. Wash hair less often using the coldest temperature you can bare.

Warm and hot water damages afro hair so try to wash in cold water, or as cold as you can bare. Warm and hot water strips hair of necessary moisture.

2. Allow Hair to Air dry

Stay away as much as possible from from heat styling. Natural Hair is more prone to breakages and excessive heating will exaggerate the condition. If time is not on your side, blot with towel as dry as possible and then style.

3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Afro Hair needs lots of moisture in order to be healthy. The use of conditioners and hair oils should be a part of regular regimen. There is no such thing as too much moisturizer for natural hair. Stick to natural based oils or moisturizers with few chemicals (avoid products with alcohols).

4. Invest in proper Hair Equipment.

Invest in brushes with natural fibers, like boar hair brushes. Use combs with big teeth, ( cutting combs are not recommended). Brush Hair to carefully distribute essential oils throughout roots to ends, and exercise tremendous care when combing wet hair because it is prone to breakages.

4. Minimize the wearing of Hats.

Hats damage hair because it robs the hair of essential oils and rubs against hairline which can lead to breakages. Use satin lined hat to help reduce hair breakages.

5. Proper Nutrition

Drink water, eat fruits and vegetables. Taking care of our diet translate to healthy hair and skin.