Herbal Haircare

Did you Know?

Did you know that natural herbs can be formulated for use in your hair. Herbs can be effective in addressing specific hair type needs. Just mix and match herbs to create your own individual twist for healthy hair.

For coarse or curly black hair: Comfrey, nettle, cherry bark, olive oil.

Dandruff: peppermint,lemon grass, birch, white willow bark,comfrey leaves, nettle.

Dry: Crushed lavender flowers, crushed orange flowers, red clover, comfrey elder flowers, chamomile and marigold.

Normal: Dandelion, horsetail, clover

Shine: raspberry, nettle.

Softness: Cherry bark, burdock root, olive oil, marjoram.

Growth: nettle, sage, basil, rosemary, onion juice.


Ylang Ylang Shampoo

If you are like me, tired of applying chemicals to your hair with names you can't even pronounce.Try being creative and make your own. After all if they can make it why can't you?

Ylang Ylang Shampoo(pronounced ee-lang ee-lang)

1/2 oz of castile liquid soap base( like Dr. Bronner's) or 4 oz of Pure castile soap chips.
32 oz of distilled water
4-8 drops essential oil of your choice( I use ylang ylang oil, hence the name of the shampoo)


  1. Bring water to boil
  2. Pour over soap chips
  3. Stir until dissolved
  4. Add essential oils, mix 4-8 drops in a tsp of rubbing alcohol( I usually skip the alcohol).
  5. Store in a plastic container or spray bottle.

If you use the liquid soap base

Just mix water and soap then add the oils.


So I was asked a few times to share some photos of my hair. So here goes a few. Just washed and conditioned my hair with my own homemade recipe. I swear making your own hair shampoo and conditioner will much improve your hair.

This is my hair freshly washed I have no products in it.




Recording Artist Janelle Monae

She rocks that natural hair and unique style with pizazz. Her song, Sincerely Jane is one of my personal favorites. Listen to the words y'all!

Love her high energy.Support real music!

'Do The Pompadour !

The hairstyle of the 60's made popular by Elvis and John Travolta in Grease has made a comeback with a feminine twist.
Mostly seen on Janelle Monae, the pompadour poises itself as the new daring hairstyle for women.

Question is, are you brave enough?

Get Fabulous Hair For the New Year.

We all make some form of resolutions or promises for the New Year. Will we be able to keep it? Well that's the big issue. This year make a resolution that you will be able to keep while improving your tresses for the coming year.

Follow these four quick tips for healthy hair.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse or clarifying shampoos to break down product buildup on hair. It is necessary to break down product buildup to prevent hair from appearing dull. This also allows the products used in the future to saturate hair and do the job required for healthy hair.

Moisture is the key. In order to maintain healthy hair keep hair moisturized. Whether using commercial products or your own natural concoction remember that hair needs water in order to remain healthy.

Lay Off The Heat
Please minimize the use of heat. Blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners etc. anything that applies heat to hair. Heat is instrumental in all those frizzy, dry, brittle, broken, fried hair. If you must use heat, apply a heat protection product and reduce temperature to the lowest needed to straighten hair.

Nourish From Within
It is a given. What you place in your body shows on the outside. Eating fruits, veggies and drinking water is instrumental in providing nutrients which is necessary for hair growth. So drink up those eight glasses of water, your hair will thank you for it later.


I'm never getting THAT HAIR!

I must admit.

I too am a You tube fanatic when it comes to watching how other naturals style their hair. One thing I have realized about being natural (some 20 odd years experience) is that not all hair is created equal.

Many naturals get frustrated when they don't get the perfect spiral curls or the tight bouncy coils. The fact of the matter is, your hair is determined by your genetics. No amount of hair care products that promises perfect curls will change that.

I have long embraced the fact that my hair will not look like Rachel True's or Denise Vasi's.
So I learned to embrace my own hair and the compliments keep pouring in.


Enhance your style for the holiday with these beautiful accessories.

This holiday cutting back on spending doesn't mean cutting back on style.
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Hair Care Questions Answered!

Whether you are a newbie natural or seasoned veteran, they are many myths and facts given about hair care. Here are some questions and answers about natural hair care.

Can I wash Natural hair more than once a week?
Yes, however it's best to wash hair minimally because the natural oils produced by the scalp are the best conditioner the hair needs to maintain its moisture balance. Afro hair is most known for its dryness. Constant washing will lead to chronic dryness and frizz.

How long should I leave conditioner in my hair?
For as long as needed. If you have 5 minutes or 2 hours some is better than none. Your hair will thank you for it.

Should I trim my hair every six weeks?
While there are no hard and fast rules to how often hair is trimmed. The more damaged the hair, the more trimming it will need in order to be healthy. If it is severely damaged from heat treatment and color, the rule of thumb is to cut for every inch of hair grown. That is, If you have an inch of growth, then trim an inch of damaged hair.

What about spilt ends how do I get rid of them?
The best way to get rid of spilt ends is to remove them. Yes, that means cutting the damaged ends of the hair. Products geared towards spilt ends, sadly do not repair them. It just gives the appearance of smooth hair but the damage is already done.

Does color damage natural hair?
Yes. Color treatment damages all hair types, but it can be especially damaging to natural hair which is already prone to breakage and dryness. Permanent coloring strips each strand of it outer layer to prepare it for the color. This outer layer is responsible for protecting hair strands. When they are destroyed they cannot reform on the hair strand thus leading to excessive dryness.
If hair is color treated remember to deep condition regularly to retain some moisture.

What is the difference between Natural vs Store bought products?
Both products can work depending on ingredients. Natural products have an advantage because you are able to control the ingredients applied to your hair. Store bought are formulated to be effective on hair but they also add ingredients to preserve the shelf life of the products which has adverse effects on hair. One such is alcohol,which causes dryness.

Got a hair question? Send it to naturalnana1@aol.com


Feature Model ,Aisha Cain

OMG so I just discovered this model, Aisha Cain. Apparently she has been around for some time and was a part of the long running Evian campaign. She is also this months Natural Beauty.
Simply Beautiful

Killer Boots

Let me just veer away from the hair thing and say that this is my dream shoes. Wow gotta work extra hours to acquire these *sigh....(ok now back to hair).


Natural Looks I"m loving Right Now!

Jordan Richardson

Alannah Xavier

Sabina Karlsson

Janelle Monae

Homemade Hair Mayonnaise Treatment

So my hair's been getting a little dry and brittle lately so I turned to my trusted homemade recipe, The Hair Mayonnaise Treatment.
Why mayonnaise? Well apart from the fact that this works great with my hair, it is the perfect recipe for natural hair. The ingredients in mayonnaise is oil based and a great source for deep conditioning.
It also contains no petroleum, mineral oils or alcohol which damages hair. You would be surprised at the amount of conditioners and hair treatments geared towards damaged and dry hair which contains harmful ingredients which does worse damage to your hair.
Gimme my hair mayo treatment over those any day. A few weeks of this treatment and your hair will be in tip top shape.

Items Needed

Mayonnaise (Hellman s, Kraft etc.)
One egg
Tea Tree, Lavender, Jojoba Oil(choose one )
One teaspoon Honey

Shower Cap, Saran Wrap or Plastic Bag
Heated Towel or Dryer (optional)

Blend or Whisk Mayonnaise, egg, honey to a creamy consistency. Add oils, this is great for helping to mask the smell of the mixture.
On freshly washed hair generously apply Mayonnaise mixture. Don't forget to get the ends because they tend to be the most plagued with dryness.
After application, put on shower cap , saran wrap or plastic bag to completely cover hair. At this point you can allow it to sit naturally in hair for 2-3 hrs. Another option is to wrap warm towel around head for 10-15 minutes. For those with minimal time, sit under the dryer for 15 minutes to allow treatment to saturate.
Wash out treatment from hair and enjoy the softness.


How to take care of your Hair for the winter

With the coming of the winter there are many adjustments needed to be well prepared for it. Why not do the same for our hair? We need to adapt to a different regimen to protect our hair from breakages. The colder the weather the less moisture our hair retains.

The following are a list of guidelines to help maintain beautiful hair throughout the season.

1. Wash hair less often using the coldest temperature you can bare.

Warm and hot water damages afro hair so try to wash in cold water, or as cold as you can bare. Warm and hot water strips hair of necessary moisture.

2. Allow Hair to Air dry

Stay away as much as possible from from heat styling. Natural Hair is more prone to breakages and excessive heating will exaggerate the condition. If time is not on your side, blot with towel as dry as possible and then style.

3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Afro Hair needs lots of moisture in order to be healthy. The use of conditioners and hair oils should be a part of regular regimen. There is no such thing as too much moisturizer for natural hair. Stick to natural based oils or moisturizers with few chemicals (avoid products with alcohols).

4. Invest in proper Hair Equipment.

Invest in brushes with natural fibers, like boar hair brushes. Use combs with big teeth, ( cutting combs are not recommended). Brush Hair to carefully distribute essential oils throughout roots to ends, and exercise tremendous care when combing wet hair because it is prone to breakages.

4. Minimize the wearing of Hats.

Hats damage hair because it robs the hair of essential oils and rubs against hairline which can lead to breakages. Use satin lined hat to help reduce hair breakages.

5. Proper Nutrition

Drink water, eat fruits and vegetables. Taking care of our diet translate to healthy hair and skin.


Men's Corner

Men and Natural Hair

Women aren't the only one's who face demons within and around their own ethnic identities. Society has deemed the norm and it affects and judges African-American men by their features as often as it does us.

"Ethnic features" are viewed by "American society"as a direct visual window to one's culture, a seemingly vastly different culture. Rather than appreciating the differences in other's and admiring their visually expressed connection to "themselves", much of society simply sees this as "Not American", different, weird, intimidating, etc.

A man with long dreadlocks, for example, perhaps even to strengthen the visuals we'll say he has rather dark skin, will face additional aspects to certain obstacles throughout his life. A job interview, for example, might be affected by "what's socially acceptable". The interviewer, who's normally sole concern is to evaluate the potential and qualifications of an applicant through a seemingly generic process, might have additional things to consider in his decision making, depending on the variables.

If this black man is being interviewed by a company that is predominantly caucasian with clients who are predominantly caucasian, the interviewer might feel compelled to consider the hypothetical discomfort level or stereotype awareness of his clients and/or coworkers, even if the interviewer is 100% free of prejudice himself.

Many black men are faced with the tough decisions when it comes to their hair. How do they express their culture yet fit into the corporate society? A black man with dreadlocks will indefinitely be treated differently from one who has a close crew cut. And what about the men with cornrows? Some may deem this inappropriate, but where do we draw the line between individual expressions and prejudices?

Why does black hair have the potent ability to determine whether you get a job or not? When will employers see that a person's ability to perform their job is not dependent on their identity. One thing is certain, many black men are losing out on opportunities to impact society because of base physical prejudices.

Although we are past the days of the civil rights movement, we still struggle to fit into the american ideal of who we should be rather than who we are.


Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

I've been using Miss Jessie's Curling Pudding for the better part of a year now and I love it. If you are a naturalnana like me you'll appreciate how soft and silky your hair feels after applying this product.

Apply to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair(depending on length and thickness). Comb thorough and allow to air dry.

Pros: Leaves hair feeling silky and soft with a bit of sheen. Easy to handle. Non greasy.

Cons: Overwhelming fragrance ( not a problem since they now have it in unscented).

Miss Jessie's Unscented Curly Pudding

4/5.....if it wasn't so time consuming to style.

Product Review

Out of all the Jane Carter Solution's products, I have to say that this is the best ( and worth the dough). It provides the perfect balance of moisture and sheen for any hair. Most importantly it is all natural so it can be used as a skin mosturizer too. You will love the way it melts into your hair without leaving residue and a light fragrance.

Con:It will set you back a whopping $22, unless you know someone, who knows someone and you could probably get it for 20 bucks like me!
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

My Hair Has Finally Arrived!

So if you are like me, you are a sista who has struggled with your identity, your personal image, lack of love and of course that drastly hair.

My personal struggle with my hair have been so long, I can barely if ever recall a time when I was proud of my hair.

Growing up I was always the one favored as having 'good hair'. My hair was just past my shoulders and inky black. When it was wet it would curl up in the most fascinating fashion. ( that is when I allowed it to be wet because like many kids with afro hair, combing was never easy).

In fact as my aunt so affectionately recalled" I had two people's head of hair". I remember hiding every two weeks when my hair was due a good washing because of the dread that floated through my mind at the prospect of combing it.

Oh how I longed for the silky smooth threads of my mother's hair, nevermind that she had to go to a salon every week. To me that was the ultimate freedom and I grew to resent my hair more and more. I even grew to resent people who would so candidly say " I wish I had your hair I would do so much with it" Yea What?!! That is until they had to comb it. I never heard much of a comment on it again.

So like many my mother finally allowed me to sit in that elusive salon chair. Wow! For the first time I had perfectly straight hair. It was longer and straight and would curl just-so because I could make it. For the first time in my life I was happy, proud of my hair. MY HAIR?

I got so much attention, compliments about my hair that the rush from it was sometimes too much to handle. But who cares, my hair was now so beautiful. I never realized the time and maintenance that hair needed. The pain of getting up earlier to comb and style. When I was so used to wash'n' go.

Slowly but surely my hair lost its power, the attention was average at best and I was upgraded for the chick who was hooking up the lastest hairdo. My hair was a disaster, yet I struggled with it because I felt like changing it would make me less....

Less of everything, less attractive, less chance for love, less chance at success.

Then it dawned on me. This love hate relationship with my hair has to stop. How can I teach my children to be proud if I can't admit being fully proud of myself. What do I say to them?

Be proud of who you are and everything you have accomplished except maybe your hair

Why do we get embarassed, offended, even volatile when we talk about our hair? Why do we classify our hair as good or bad?

One thing is certain when I cut all my hair off I was vunerable to insensitive remarks about my lack of hair( but thats a whole other story) And for the first time in my life I had nothing to hide behind. I had to make the true me shine. There was no long silky, inky black hair but I did have some afro hair that curled just-so when wet.

As my hair grew I became obsessed. I embraced it. Fell in Love with it. Almost to a level of conceited and oft times obnoxiousness.One thing is certain today. I have a deep respect and love for this hair. In fact my commitment to its beauty as led me to immortalise it and profess its beauty to the world. In so doing, I hope that you will come to see the power that emanates from this tightly coiled kinky hair.

Lets celebrate Our Natural Hair and its Beauty!