Lace Front Wigs revisited

A few months ago I talked about getting a lace front wig ( which I haven't gotten around to yet). I did my research and got some advice my friend the self proclaimed 'hairologist'.

Anyway I did find out some pretty useful info about lace fronts so I'm gonna share some of what I learned with you.

According to my friend Do not buy lace front wigs online( she told me to put that in bold).

Her Reasons:
  • They are low grade quality which charges too much money.

  • Custom wigs are not 'custom' if they are not made on top of your head.

  • Ready made wigs are not 'one size fits all'. They were made for someones head and are possibly rejects (lol)

  • If you got to pay on a payment plan for your hair, you can't afford it (who doesn't have a payment plan these days? For bills? yes For hair? NO!)

So on to the positive advice.

  • Research a style which works for your lifestyle, personality and budget.

  • Always get your head measured by a professional, preferably the one who will do your hair(especially if you already have your own hair underneath).

  • Invest in quality hair care products which will maintain your wig (cheap is as cheap does!).

  • It may be fake but treat it like you would your real hair.
So those were her advice on the wigs. Share with me your experience with wigs.