Lace Front Wigs

Lately I have been thinking of wearing more protective styles for my hair. The easy go to for me is a wig. I have only owned one in my lifetime but I absolutely loved it.This is great for when I'm feeling lazy about styling my hair.

My last wig was a straight bob, very flattering for my face type, but I do so love curly hair so I'm thinking of investing in a curly lace front wig.

I've been doing a bit of research since I have absolutely no clue about fake hair, so I'm basically in the dark about hair quality and so forth.

I'm looking for something in this region.

Or Maybe

I've always admired Erykah Badu's array of afro wigs. I've got to hand it to that woman, even her fakes are true to who she is, but I need a bit of something to wear that in public.

Here are a couple of her refine styles that I like.


  1. I like the second curly pic. Very natural looking. LFW's are great protective styles. I have one as well.

  2. I like the second one better too.

  3. She be that...Queen indeed...

  4. Yes a wig gives you the ability to have new hairstyles without impacting on your own hair. I have to agree, the wig in teh second picture looks best.

  5. Can you suggest a brand or provider for wigs? Did you get yours online?

  6. Even though it might be boring, I really like the second wig the most. :-)