Stuck in a Hairstyle Rut

That's it-! I'm in a style rut. My hair basically falls obediently into place for my usual ponytail. It's not that I don't have the time to style but I have gotten pretty lazy with my hair routine. My whole shampoo, deep conditioned styled hair is boring.

Now I know there are many styles out there to experiment with, but if you are like me with minimal ( I mean minimal) hairstyling skills then its not hard to see where the challenges lie.

The upsweep, twisties, ponytail and full 'fro is all I'm skilled to do. I see so many others with effortless style, but even with step by step tutorials my hair always looks very different from the original style.

So my resolution this week is to try a new hairstyle everyday and I'm sticking to that( at least I'll try)


  1. ook lol its good that you wanna try a new hairstyle but not a different one everyday. when ur hair is natural its good to not handle it alot. try a hairstyle maybe for a week because ur hair might start you know shedding from u touching it so much.and u have to let it breathe meaning dont put it in ponytails all the time or youll see ur edges start to thin out. just my two sense. i went through the same problem and sometimes im like i wanna do something diff. but trust me leavin your hair be is good too. let it do its own thing.lol.peace

  2. lol I know I dont really comb my hair everyday. I'll rarely use combs. I usually style with my own hands and a couple bobby pins. I love messy hair.