Hair Prep before Shampooing

I am a firm believer in moisturizing and with my hair there is really no such thing as too much moisture.
I have two methods of preping my hair for washing that work wonders.

Method 1

You will need:
Olive Oil
Plastic Bag/Shower Cap
Warm Damp towel

I separate my hair into smaller sections apply Olive Oil on my scalp and from the roots to the ends, especially ends.

Place plastic Cap on top of hair. Wrap with a warm damp towel(optional)

Method 2

I dont use this method much now but it did work for my hair

Blend Shea Butter with some tea tree oil.
Apply along scalp and ends.
Put on Plastic Cap and wrap warm towel over hair.

Now what is the reason for this?

Wet/Damp Hair is porous so it is easier for oils to saturate hair shaft. By applying oils and placing the bags over hair it allows the hair to "sweat" and absorb the oils. Its also necessary if you use store bought shampoos to wash your hair as most of them are drying because they contain sulfates which is not great for natural hair.


  1. I've tried the EVOO prepoo before but it didn't do much for my hair. I'll probably try again in the near future.

  2. Ive tried the shea butter works like a charm.