Lace Front Wigs revisited

A few months ago I talked about getting a lace front wig ( which I haven't gotten around to yet). I did my research and got some advice my friend the self proclaimed 'hairologist'.

Anyway I did find out some pretty useful info about lace fronts so I'm gonna share some of what I learned with you.

According to my friend Do not buy lace front wigs online( she told me to put that in bold).

Her Reasons:
  • They are low grade quality which charges too much money.

  • Custom wigs are not 'custom' if they are not made on top of your head.

  • Ready made wigs are not 'one size fits all'. They were made for someones head and are possibly rejects (lol)

  • If you got to pay on a payment plan for your hair, you can't afford it (who doesn't have a payment plan these days? For bills? yes For hair? NO!)

So on to the positive advice.

  • Research a style which works for your lifestyle, personality and budget.

  • Always get your head measured by a professional, preferably the one who will do your hair(especially if you already have your own hair underneath).

  • Invest in quality hair care products which will maintain your wig (cheap is as cheap does!).

  • It may be fake but treat it like you would your real hair.
So those were her advice on the wigs. Share with me your experience with wigs.


  1. I agree with some of what your friend said.
    You should add that pick a color that you can wear all the time, dont pick bright red highlights if you work in a professional setting.

  2. I do not agree with a lot of what your friend said. I have been wearing lace wigs from one company for about 4 years and I've always received great service from them and a great product.

    Anywayz...here is why I disagree...

    * I started off buying mine online and there are some companies that will give you bad quality. You really need to do your research. Luckily I have found one that is superb!

    *Custom wigs ARE custom wigs if you get a good company and your measurements are correct. I've always measured my head myself (no professional) and my lace wigs hug my head as they should. If you are looking to have a good quality lace wig made on top of your head, they start at a minimum of $12K. So you think about it, I would rather be about 1 inch off and save $11K. That is more than what some people make in a year in this recession.

    *"Ready made wigs are not 'one size fits all'." They are not supposed to be one size fits all. It is like buying a "medium" shirt. It may not fit your cousin that is also as a size medium the same way if fits your size medium body but you both can get into it. This is really a no-brainer. For the most part they are not rejects. If a company never makes a wig and only does customs orders, how will you know what their product looks like? I've been a pinch about three times and an in stock lace wig saved my life. It is better than waiting 6 weeks for a custom order to complete.

    *I don't do payment plans. However, everyone wants to look good. Why can't people with small pockets (at the time) look good too? I think that is a superficial comment on her part.

    So on to the positive advice.

    *If you treat your wig like it is your hair it won't last for long. If you treated your real hair so well, why are you wearing a wig? Not many people will put on a lace wig if they had perfect hair. You treat your lace wig with kid gloves and stay away from products that are over the counter which many contain high amounts of alcohol. This stuff is bad for your OWN real hair.

    If you choose to buy online, the company I use is Lace Locs. Their web address is http://lacelocs.com. Yea... they do have a hair studio where you can walk in for those like your friend that are not sure of their measuring skills :).

    If you call them tell them "CandiG" sent ya. I buy enough wigs from them. They definitely know me ha! Best of luck to ya sis. I hope you find one that fits ya.

  3. Hey makeup. Thanks for input. It was helpful as I must admit I know so little about these stuff.

  4. hello, I am new to your blog and i think it is great . i have just decided to go natural and do the big chop , i really love the big curly afro look something like erica badu i am in serios need of some really good products to use that will help me to maintain and achieve this look can you suggest some products , please help (smile). Thank you

  5. Thanks for reading Zainab1, read through my blog I have some tips on hair care and products. I also have a few other recipes that I'm gonna post on here soon too so check for updates.