Summer Hair Questions Answered!

The summer is here and along with it comes some of our most frequent hair woes.
Dry,Frizz,Split Ends, Breakage,Dandruff the list goes on. Here I'll share some of my answers to some FAQs

My hair is constantly dry no matter how much product I use?

I've always discovered that it doesn't matter how much product you use if you are consistently using the wrong one. I've had my trial and errors when it comes to hair products but one thing I have learned is that any product that contains alcohol and mineral oil is a complete no-no for hair.

Start by experimenting with homemade products, castile soap is all natural and can be used as a shampoo base mixed with herbs and oils. Best of all, there is no sulfate which usually exist in commercial shampoos.

If time is an issue when it comes to your hair routine, try to co-wash twice per week and use shampoo only when necessary(which for me is usually once per week).

I wash and condition my hair regularly but lately I have been getting dandruff
what can I do to get rid of that?

The dreaded dandruff is usually caused by lack of moisture on the scalp and/or lack of scalp circulation. However, most likely it is caused by using harsh shampoos and products on hair scalp. Shampoos that have strong cleansing agents can lead to too much moisture removed from the scalp.

If you already have dry scalp, deep conditioners can help hair to retain its moisture.
Also try to use anti-dandruff product to bring moisture back to your scalp.

How do I get rid of split ends and stop breakage?
The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut it off (sorry). Split ends and breakages are caused by lack of moisture. Hair strands become brittle and break off or split up. Hair coloring can also lead to split ends. Remember if you color, you need to take extra steps in order to retain some moisture in your hair.

Hope this advice helps. Thanks for asking questions. If you have any advice or questions email me at naturalnana1@aol.com

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