Why I think combing hair daily is important

Ok so hear me out for a second, I too believed that combing hair regularly will lead to a lot of breakage. However, through experience, I also realized that I lost a lot more hair when I don't comb often.
For the past couple months I have really been serious about combing daily. The tangles were border line nightmares so I decided to rework my regimen to accomodate my longer hair.
WoW can you say softer hair?
Not only is it easier for me to deal with my hair but I lose a lot less of it, come wash day. I figured with days of shed hair matted around unshed ones, it created an almost dreaded state for my hair which lead to rips and yanks because I was having a hard time detangling.

Anyway this method may not work for all but it definitely worked for me and I'm sticking to it (for now).


  1. i actually never comb or brush my hair. makes my curls droopy and/or frizzy. my hair has a mind of it's own so it's just better to minimize the disturbance. haha

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