I'm never getting THAT HAIR!

I must admit.

I too am a You tube fanatic when it comes to watching how other naturals style their hair. One thing I have realized about being natural (some 20 odd years experience) is that not all hair is created equal.

Many naturals get frustrated when they don't get the perfect spiral curls or the tight bouncy coils. The fact of the matter is, your hair is determined by your genetics. No amount of hair care products that promises perfect curls will change that.

I have long embraced the fact that my hair will not look like Rachel True's or Denise Vasi's.
So I learned to embrace my own hair and the compliments keep pouring in.

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  1. I'm French,
    My father is from Ivory coast and my mother from west indies, I'm natural for 2 years (before I wore dread locks).
    Now I studies learn and read love of testimonials oftently from US blogs and web sites, I tested many products(Carol's daughter, Kinky curly, from my own ...
    And I'm writting a file.
    I can tell you, moisturize, comb wash... are very important if you respect the rules, your hair will change, but not radically 4a to 3b, no no but change a lot.
    Elga G