Homemade Hair Mayonnaise Treatment

So my hair's been getting a little dry and brittle lately so I turned to my trusted homemade recipe, The Hair Mayonnaise Treatment.
Why mayonnaise? Well apart from the fact that this works great with my hair, it is the perfect recipe for natural hair. The ingredients in mayonnaise is oil based and a great source for deep conditioning.
It also contains no petroleum, mineral oils or alcohol which damages hair. You would be surprised at the amount of conditioners and hair treatments geared towards damaged and dry hair which contains harmful ingredients which does worse damage to your hair.
Gimme my hair mayo treatment over those any day. A few weeks of this treatment and your hair will be in tip top shape.

Items Needed

Mayonnaise (Hellman s, Kraft etc.)
One egg
Tea Tree, Lavender, Jojoba Oil(choose one )
One teaspoon Honey

Shower Cap, Saran Wrap or Plastic Bag
Heated Towel or Dryer (optional)

Blend or Whisk Mayonnaise, egg, honey to a creamy consistency. Add oils, this is great for helping to mask the smell of the mixture.
On freshly washed hair generously apply Mayonnaise mixture. Don't forget to get the ends because they tend to be the most plagued with dryness.
After application, put on shower cap , saran wrap or plastic bag to completely cover hair. At this point you can allow it to sit naturally in hair for 2-3 hrs. Another option is to wrap warm towel around head for 10-15 minutes. For those with minimal time, sit under the dryer for 15 minutes to allow treatment to saturate.
Wash out treatment from hair and enjoy the softness.

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